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We purchased a VSM7, veterinary blood pressure monitor, from VetSpecs only to have it consistently breakdown. After repeated complaints we received an "upgrade" to a VSM8 which is also always broken.

We spent $700 in one year to purchase new parts for the VSM8 and it still does not work. I contacted Casey at VetSpecs and was told that the VSM7 they manufactured was so inferior they pulled it from the market. I was also told that the $700 we spent on replacement parts was twice the normal amount for the average VSM8 owner. When I inquired about a "free" replacement part in order to get our VSM8 up and running Casey informed me that they would do nothing to help us ever.

When I suggested that I may resort to a negative online posting about VetSpecs he encouraged me!

He said "We have so many negative reviews about us one more will not hurt". This company is a nightmare-do not buy their products EVER!!!

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1103410

i repair monitoring equipment, vet specs is a joke, their sensors, leads etc for the vsm8 and maybe other models have chips in the plugs so that they cannot be used anywhere else & when the wires break, replacement sensors are only available from them. AND...they are poorly made to start with.

i do not recommend their products to my clients.

Midmark and Smiths are buying up other mfrs too and the market will probably be dominated by a few co's raising prices by eliminating competition. "competition is a sin" JD Rockefeller (Standard Oil monopolist)

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